Automatize LISREL jobs

LISREL routine can run in DOS or in command line mode of windows (windows-key + R -> CMD) . The command line is just like --

D:\My Documents>"C:\Program Files\lisrel87\lisrel87.exe" "C:\Program Files\lisrel87\LS8EX\EX61.LS8" D:\myOutput.out

1. You only need edit and input the bold part.
2. Quotation marks are used wherever the paths or filenames include blanks.
3. The 2nd argument is the output file. You can still specify more output options in your .ls8 file.
4. A .bat file can automatize batches of such lisrel jobs.

R: Simulating multiple normal distribution with any given corr matrix

For example , we have a corr matrix for five standardized factors \left[\begin{array}{c}1.00\;0.42\;0.41\;0.55\;0.42\\ 0.42\;1.00\;0.48\;0.47\;0.46\\ 0.41\;0.48\;1.00\;0.48\;0.44\\ 0.55\;0.47\;0.48\;1.00\;0.50\\ 0.42\;0.46\;0.44\;0.50\;1.00\end{array}\right] (Hau, Chinese Textbook, pp. 49-50).