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RWebFriend for WordPress 在线示例(yo2.cn上的示例,  奇想录上的临时示例)

Google Presentation 在线演示


WordPress (and WPMU) Plugin for R Web Interface

Download: [Update] Including Chinese UTF8 Version
Plugin Name: RwebFriend
Plugin URL:
Description: Set Rweb url options and transform [rcode]...[/rcode] or <rcode>...</rcode> tag-pair into TEXTAREA which supports direct submit to web interface of R.

*Credit notes:codes of two relevant plugins are studied and imported. One of the plugins deals with auto html tags within TEXTAREA tag-pair, the other stops WordPress to auto-transform quotation marks.

Version: 1.0
Author: Xiaoxu LI
Author URI:
Setup:Wordpress 3.5



WordPress 3.4


[update] The free Chinese wordpress platform has installed this plugin.  See my demo.

More online demos --

[update, June 2009] (here!) installed this plugin. Try

[update2009JUL18]Test installed packages of Rweb: