My first wp plugin work: LaTeX_Math_cgi 1.0


Install: Download  and unzip it to your wordpress' /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Activate it in Plugins menu. View its options in Options > LaTeX tab --

It is actually used as a mimeTeX plugin rather than just a L^{A}T_{E}X plugin. My contribution is technically trivial. But, you must need it if you change from a light theme to a cool black one while find the default mimeTeX images are black in front and transparent in background. This plugin provides mimeTeX's \reverse and \opaque options to tune your math forms to your wp theme without editing them one by one.

The 2nd function is the option for your cgi URL. The default is You can DIY one following Forkosh's instructions and then set it like /cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi It can help your visitors not to cost Forkosh's unselfish bandwidth.

4 thoughts on “My first wp plugin work: LaTeX_Math_cgi 1.0”

  1. 请教个问题啊,LaTeX公式中的"\"(backslash)在文章第二次编辑的时候会丢失,这个问题咋个解决啊?Google了一下有解决方案说修改核心PHP程序的,但我觉得最好不要改核心程序,要不然下次升级还得重新改……

  2. 比较痛苦的解决方法是自己提供修改源代码的cgi服务端,为\提供替代符号

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